November 20, 2018

If you know me you know I love Maine. 

I know, I's cold, and it snows, and the winters can be brutal...but I love it.



Minute of it.

Maine is home for me, and no matter how far we travel it's the only place I want to come back to again and again.

And one of the things I love most about Maine is how many small businesses there are, and how they all truly support eachother.

It's so nice to see people working hard on things, products and services that they love - and sharing them with others

(whether they are local Maaynas or from away).

Bespolk Knit Hats | Maine Fashion Shoot

Which is why, when I came across Bespolk Hats I knew I had to work with them.

For one, the lovely gal who makes them is local here in Maine and two...her hats feature lovely sayings like

- Bougie

- What the Hell

- and my personal favorite...Shit (I mean does it get any better?!)

Bespolk also has some Maine classics like this nautical 'Maine' knit hat (featured close up below), as well as a super local Portland, Maine option. 

All of which are handmade right here in Maine!

5th and Magnolia wearing Bespolk Knit Hats | Maine

Bespolk Knit Hats | Maine Fashion

Speaking of handmade...I can't get over the quality of, not only the knit material and attention to detail, but also of the pom pom on top...which honestly is one of the softest things I have ever felt. 

I also love that they are a bit oversized, so for us with lots of locks, or who like to fold down or roll the bottom up it gives you plenty of options. 

Bespolk Knit Hats made in Maine

Maine Fashion Blogger 5th & Magnolia wearing Bespolk Knit Hat

(p.s. who else is excited about holiday cups at Starbucks & eggnog lattes?)

Bespolk Knit Maine Hat | Nautical Hat

What better way to enjoy the snow than in cozy knits, am I right?

Bespolk Knit Hats | Maine

Want to snag one of these hats, or one of her many other styles, for yourself and get 20% off?

Simply visit Bespolk's website here between now and 12/23 and enter coupon code Bespolk20 at checkout.  

Trust want one (or two) of these and your family and friends will love them as gifts.


Happy snow day!

xo - margaret


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