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October 18, 2017
carabasset valley

Fall is here in full force - and I'm loving the colors plus the cooler weather. I've actually been relishing in staying in my fluffy robe longer than planned most days, sleeping with the windows open, snuggling up in fuzzy throws and most of all getting to break in all of my favorite boots. I feel like up until now it wasn't quite "fall" enough to wear my over the knee boots - but with temperatures dipping into the 30's overnight I figured I was safe.

These tan ones, by Catherine Catherine Malandrino, in particular have definitely become my go to pick - first and foremost because they actually go over my knees (you'd be surprised how many "over the knee" boots barely even skim the bottom of my knees) secondly is that they flat (meaning I won't fall on my face) aaaaand the color which goes with just about everything (making traveling with them a breeze). I found them through another long legged blogger's review and have been ever so thankful for Google connecting us ever since. They are sadly sold out at Off Saks where I bought them last year BUT I found them at a few other retailers here & here - and trust me when I say buy these before they sell out, because they will.

Cynthia Steffe Berry Sunday Tulip Shift

Cynthia Steffe Shift Dress | 5th & Magnolia

This dress is also a great transition piece because it's in a deep jewel/berry tone so it can totally go from spring thru the summer and into fall. In fact, now that I think about it, I could probably wear this through the winter with a chunky knit cardi or blazer. Oh the options...

Cynthia Steffe Tulip Shift | Fall Fashion

As for this necklace; I received a ton of compliments on it and had to chuckle a bit to myself each time because I bought it about 6 years ago on sale for less than $30 and since then I have literally worn it once. I can even remember where I wore it, sick I know. And yes, I also know what you're thinking 'hoarder' 'cost per wear' 'she should have consigned it'... BUT if I hadn't of held onto it I wouldn't have had the perfect necklace to pair with this dress. So really I probably saved money because otherwise I would have been running to the mall to find a last minute necklace and would have likely spent way too much and never have worn it again anyway.

And this folks is what goes on in my brain daily - and also why I never get rid of anything.

Fall OOTD in Cynthia Steffe Tulip Shift

Cynthia Steffe Berry Sunday Tulip Shift | 5th & Magnolia

Fall Style wearing Cynthia Steffe Tulip Shift

Fall OOTD wearing Cynthia Steffe Tulip Shift

Fall Fashion in Cynthia Steffe Tulip Shift

Cynthia Steffe Tulip Shift | Fall OOTD

Bless the husband's heart (and his back) on this shoot - it may look like a foliage wonderland but it was actually a sopping wet river bed with super slippery rocks which the poor man was balancing on top of to snag some of these shots.

After this the man deserves a drink! Which is perfect, because we're attending an event this evening (so if you're reading this babe) I meet you at the bar and the first drink is on me.

Cynthia Steffe Tulip Shift | 5th & Magnolia

xo - margaret

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