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Another Trip Around the Sun

September 11, 2018

It's a funny thing those birthdays...they always seem to sneak up on me and then all of a sudden it's here. I think much of it has to do with the fact that my birthday is so early in September that I am still in summer mode with travel & plans that I honestly almost forget about it. 

That and the fact that I honestly avoid it a little bit. 

Something you might not know about me is that being in the spotlight (I know...weird coming from a blogger) makes me a little uncomfortable. I also hate, like HAAATTTEEEE, surprises. As in if you surprise me I may, or may not, but probably will either scream or punch you.

Or both at the same time.

Trust me...ask my husband.

But this year honestly is a little different. 

I am in such a different place than I have ever been in. I feel settled and at home and very adult like - which is weird. 

I mean, we just threw a backyard dinner party with table, chair and linen rentals from a party store. Who are we?!

And guess what? 

I loved every second of it!

It made me realize that staying in one place longer than a year is honestly a pretty magical thing. I truly feel like this is home, and the group of people that we have collected here are some of the best i have ever encountered. It's such a unique mix of stories, ages, backgrounds, interests and life directions that I can't help but feel like our friends are like a treasured collection. Curated over time, and carefully hand selected. And that, along with my amazing family who has been here since day one....and the handsome husband of course...makes me one pretty damn happy birthday gal.

Oh...and vacay pants also make me happy. So, naturally my birthday post is of me & my favorite vacay pants of all time in one of my favorite cities (other than Portland).

Today I will be celebrating on the bike teaching a Birthday ride at Jibe - which is perfect for me. Friends, calorie burn and being in my happy place. Not too shabby. We've also celebrated the past two weekends and plan to do a bit more this weekend as well...and celebrating for me involves nothing "birthday" specific more just experiences with friends, the husband and my family. That's what makes me the happiest...memories filled with love & laughter. The best gift a girl could ask for.

Other than a pony for the backyard which I am still waiting for...


xo - margaret




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